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What Does It Take To Be?

What does it take to become the person you have the potential to be in life?

Have a goal or a dream that you care about. You have to want to do it, or be afraid not to do it.

Self-discipline, willpower, and emotional control go hand-in-hand. You need willpower and emotional control to have self-discipline. Achieving self-discipline is about maintaining control or consistency of small things that pave the way for bigger things. Self-discipline in one area snowballs relatively effortlessly into the other areas of your life. When you're self-discipline falls apart in one area, by maintain self-discipline in the other areas, such as exercise, self-care, eating healthy, etc., you will soon achieve self-discipline and balance in all areas of life-wellness. Self-discipline is about having some level of willpower, emotional control, and restraint in specific areas at certain times. Do not believe, nor should you try to achieve strict self-discipline in all areas for all time. You're not perfect, so don't try for perfection for you will fail. A well-balanced approach is best.

You must be willing, determined and persistent to succeed and achieve what you want. First, you must identify what it is you want to accomplish, and then decide if you really want to pay the price in order to get it. How determined are you to get what you want? What is your level of determination and commitment? Just imagine it and make it happen.

Create a strategy or plan and identify the necessary steps. Nothing is going to happen unless you are proactive and take real action. Persistence and perseverance will be required; otherwise, if you are successful, it was just luck.

Your ability to persist and persevere despite any challenges will determine the outcome. In order to attain success, you must be able to accept certain situations with an open mind, and still be determined to keep going. You must take action to change the things that you have the ability to change, while maintaining a certain level of self-control, willpower, self-discipline, and self motivation throughout the entire process. Add some joy to balance and enrich your attitude and behavior, otherwise, things will become boring and lifeless. You must be creative and yet remain consistent and steady throughout each step of the process. It's up to you to decide if you really want it and how you should go about getting it.

Desire can be defined as a strong feeling of wanting, or a craving to have something, or wishing for something to happen. Be careful, for feelings of desire can work for you or against you, depending on what you desire.

Time and Effort
We all have a limited amount of time per day, and over our lifetime. Most things require time and effort. Make sure that you are putting your time and effort into the right things. Are you putting enough time and effort into achieving success in the areas that you want? Strive to achieve balance by allocating enough time and effort into the nine areas of life-wellness.

Inspiration can be defined as stimulation or arousal of the mind or emotions that create a sudden, special or unusual activity of creativity and action.

Belief can be defined as a strong feeling that something or somebody is true, false, good, bad, right, or wrong. It is also a habit of placing trust or confidence in another. If you truly believe that you can, you will. Our thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives affect our behavior, and our behavior affects what happens to us. Our dominant thoughts will generate actions. Positive thoughts and energies attract positive things and generate good events. Negativity will attract more negativity. This is known as "the law of attraction"..

Accept who you are as a person, as well as your situation, your environment and your relationships. Then build from there. Try to change only the things that can be changed, and accept those things you cannot control or change. Slowly build up both your tolerance and acceptance for who you are in life, as well as the things around you, your situation, and the people you have relationships with, instead of fighting against them. Accept how people are for they will not change unless they are ready to do so. Instead, focus on changing yourself, accepting yourself and build from there.

Self-confidence can be defined as a belief in oneself and in one's judgment, power, abilities, and capabilities. It's having faith or trust in your own abilities. It is about having an attitude that allows you to have a positive and realistic perception of yourself and your abilities. Self-confidence is learned and built on through positive reinforcement.

Self-esteem is the opinion that you have of yourself. It's your perception of how you value yourself and your self-worth. Your self-esteem often dictates how others perceive and interact with you.

Good spirits and attitude
Keep a good attitude and your spirits high regardless of the situation.

Focus is your ability to concentrate and act on your priorities each day. This will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Having a direction gives you a clear picture, or vision of where you want to go and what you want to experience in your life. It allows you to move rapidly and securely towards your goals and the lifestyle that you truly want to live. Having direction can inspire passion and purpose in life. Advance those confidently and swiftly in the direction of your dreams, goals and aspirations each day.

You have got to have determination and persistence to successfully work towards your goals and the lifestyle you truly want, despite facing difficulties, challenges, failure, or opposition on a regular basis.

Any time we do something or interact with someone requires some action on our part. How we choose to act and being mindful of our actions defines and determines the outcome of any situation or event. The end result may seem the same, but your experience and what you get from it is quite different. An approach that is mindful, caring, and thoughtful of even the smallest of things, creates a different outcome from those who approach things carelessly, and without much thought or concern.

True joy comes from having inner peace deep in your soul. It stems from a feeling of fulfillment, contentment, and sometimes happiness with the various aspects of life-wellness.

Inner peace
Learn to look inward to find peace, for that is your salvation. Everyone should strive to achieve and sustain inner peace in life. Inner peace is a solid foundation for you to build on, and achieve the lifestyle you want. We learn that inner peace comes with acceptance, calm, and tranquility. It allows you to see things clearly, without interference from stress and other outside sources. It is easier to experience spirituality when you have inner peace. Inner peace is a state of mind that can help bring you joy, contentment and occasionally happiness. It is a jumping point, platform or an emotional state from which you can spring from when you're emotionally stimulated and also a place where you can return to.

Positive relationships
Humans are social creatures, and positive, meaningful relationships can bring you great joy and happiness. Relationships can also bring you heartache and sorrow. No one is perfect, so don't expect them to be. Foster good relationships, but maintain low expectations of people for their behavior will fluctuate. Everyone is a frenemy who is both an enemy disguised as a friend, and a friend disguised as an enemy.

Spiritual wellness is the ongoing process of discovering and cultivating your spiritual inner self. Spirituality, spiritual wellness and faith can be defined as a belief in something. It can take on many different and unique meanings and forms for each individual. Many factors such as religious faith, values, ethics, principles, morals, attitude and gratitude play a part in defining spirituality. Spiritual wellness can grow into or strengthen a religious belief or have nothing at all to do with religion. Spirituality can mean a strong awareness of nature, environment, and life force energy that exists in each of us and throughout the universe.

Achieving balance in life is all about focusing on the areas that matter to you, and on the nine aspects of life-wellness.

Keep hope alive and close to your heart as you continue on your journey of life. Hope is like a seed. A little is all it takes but it does have to have fertile soil if it is to grow.

Love can be defined in numerous ways and mean different things to different people. Love can be an intense feeling of deep affection, attraction, and desire towards someone or something. Being in love with someone is different than loving someone. Love can mean to cherish, treasure, remove problems, and relieve the suffering and pain that they may have. We are willing to sacrifice in order to give the person what they want and desire. Give and foster love, but expect nothing in return, for true love is selfless.

You must try to forgive, for you're the one carrying the negative anger that is poisoning you. Forgive but don't necessarily forget. Let go of the emotional baggage and you'll feel better.

Pay attention and apply balance and effort into all of the nine aspects of life-wellness.


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