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Intellectual Wellness --- Open-Mindedness

Intellectual Wellness is achieved through self-directed behavior focused on learning. Any activity that inspires and stimulates your willingness, desire and intent to learn, explore and expand your mind intellectually in any way supports healthy Intellectual Wellness. It also means being free intellectually to you learn something new.

A healthy state of Intellectual Wellness is to feel stimulated and engaged with continuous learning about yourself and all that is around you.

Intellectual Wellness is also about your willingness and curiosity to acquire new information, while continuously seeking out new challenges to expand and improve your knowledge and skills. This often develops a sense of awareness and satisfaction. Some people find it gratifying to share their skills and knowledge with others.

Research studies show that maintaining a healthy level of Intellectual Wellness helps keep the brain-mind cognition healthy.

Simple breakdown and tips towards achieving Intellectual Wellness

  • Basically, if you're learning something new, you're focusing on your Intellectual Wellness!

  • Continuously exercise your mind while remaining clam and tranquil.

  • Creative development by continuously acquiring, applying, and expressing positive and constructive critical thinking.

  • Keeping an active mind through mental activity stimulation.

  • Openness to new ideas.

  • A capacity to question and think critically.

  • Maintaining a sense of creativity and curiosity.

  • Be motivated to master new skills and seeking out new challenges.

  • Develop a continuous sense of humor, creativity, and curiosity.

  • Reaching your own correct decisions, making up your own mind, in your own interest when there is a choice or a problem, which is a daily event.

  • Reading is one of the great ways to learn.

  • Learn to play an instrument such as piano or guitar.

  • Start a new hobby.

  • Learn another language.

  • Create your own art, jewelry, sculpture.

  • Learn more about your culture and history by visiting museums.

  • You can change the way you perceive the world with a trip to a play or an art museum.

  • You can change the way you perceive the world by learning more about countries, the people and their customs.

These are all important aspects towards achieving a high state or optimal level of physical wellness.


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