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Self-care Neglect

Self-care is not about being selfish; it's about taking the time and making the effort to take care of you properly. A few simple self-care and self-pampering activities can help you to energize, recharge, refresh and rejuvenate yourself, so can make the most out your day. The activities will allow you to release any built up stress and anxiety existing within you. Nurturing yourself and making sure you are in the best mental, physical, and spiritual state as possible increases your chances maintaining good health, and being around for a long time. You will then be in a position where you can enjoy and take care of all the people in your life that you love.

Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act; but it's careless, neglectful, irresponsible, and reckless if you don't. Self-neglect means the inability of a person to understand the consequences of his or her actions or inaction and this inability can lead to harm. The definition of self-neglect excludes the person who makes a conscious and voluntary choice not to provide certain basic needs for him/her self. He/she does this as a matter of personal preference and understands the potential outcome of that decision. So, do not neglect yourself.

If you don't care for yourself, your neglect will eventually be visible and cause you problems that you thought would never happen to you. So why not do small, simple things that will help you to minimize or avoid certain problems in the future.
There are many small things that you can do to improve your self-care. This will improve your health, outlook, as well as your circumstances. The real question is whether you choose to make some positive changes and then act on it, or will you continue to neglect and sabotage youself. Making a realistic effort to take care of your needs, and to keep up your reserves, is your responsibility, and you will be glad that you made the effort.

What is the alternative to self-care? It is neglect, abuse and self-destruction. So focus on self-care, self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-kindness, and self-love. These things will give you the strength and health to effectively cope with all that's around you, so you can take care of those that you love.

If you’re neglecting proper self-care and you can’t seem to be motivated to make an effort, you should take the time to find out why. Is it that you don’t have enough time? You don’t know what to do? Maybe you’re not worthy and should be punished in some way? Could it be that you don’t love you enough or know how to express self-love? It is your responsibility to find out why you’re neglecting you. Whatever your problem is, and whatever excuses that you may have, it’s not enough to justify self neglect. It’s really inexcusable that you would limit yourself and sabotage your life. WHY?

You matter, your life matter, and how you choose to live your life matters. It’s up to you to learn about proper self-care, and how you can incorporate simple techniques and activities into your lifestyle. Make your self-care a priority, and not something that happens by chance.


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