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Health & Wellness Coaching

The essence of Health and Wellness coaching is to help people help themselves. It is a whole body, mind and spirit approach to unlock your full potential. Your Health and Wellness coach will help you take small, simple steps that will enable you to make slow, manageable changes towards creating the long-lasting sustainable changes that you desire in your life.

One of the main objectives of Health and Wellness Coaching is to facilitate the promotion of healthy behavior and mindful approach towards enhancing the learning, development and performance in all major life areas. More specifically, a Health and Wellness coach is a facilitator focused on promoting and teaching self-discovery practices, self-care practices, self-management skills, and providing education designed to help empower you to take greater responsibility for your health, lifestyle, and well-being.

Health and Wellness Coaches are mentors, with knowledge in all areas of Health and Wellness. The Health and Wellness field is huge and one person cannot be an "expert" in all the areas but your coach has more than enough knowledge and experience in each area to help you evaluate and achieve your Health and Wellness goals. Your coach also knows when to direct you to a person with expertise in a specific area such as finance, if needed.

Your coach will provide guidance, motivation, inspiration, support, and accountability to help increase your chances of success. The steps involved to succeed are unique to you and your circumstances.

Health and Wellness coaches can help you reach goals by developing a one-on-one relationship with you that looks at you as a whole person and supports you in making behavioral changes that improve your well-being and lifestyle.

We'll ask simple questions, listen to you and provide feedback of your own thoughts in a manner that is not usually possible for you to do on your own.

Your couch will work one-on-one with you to help you take an inventory of your health, situation, happiness, relationships, financial state, and lifestyle today and where you want them to be future. We'll assist you in exploring what has and hasn't worked for you and define any obstacles that are stopping you from reaching a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

We'll analyze your information and provide guidance to help you define your own goals, and create a customized Action Plan that will enable you to proceed confidently and steadily towards reaching and sustaining an enjoyable, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle.

We can help you focus and zero in on realistic, achievable goals to improve your health and lifestyle. We'll work with you to make small, simple changes in your approach that can create big positive results. We'll also show you how to incorporate simple routings into your daily activities and lifestyle that will make your life easier to manage. We'll provide guidance, motivation, and support as you go through the process.

Your couch will help you develop intentional coping skills to handle your own troublesome situations by exercising deliberate conscious control to improve the outcome of situations.

Regardless if you're battling an illness or just want to improve specific areas of your life, you'll benefit from working with a couch. We will support you as you move forward towards achieving lifestyle you desire.

A quick overview of the process:

1 - assess you current situation.

2 - define your goals and objectives.

3 - create a customized Action Plan.

4 - support you and guide you to stay on track with a plan working towards reaching your goals.

5 - modify the Action Plan on as needed basis.

6 - communicate with you a regular basis to make sure you are on course and doing your best.

If you are ready to take responsibility and commit yourself to making small, positive changes in your life, contact us to schedule your FREE Health and Wellness Coaching session.


Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate and driven individuals that are dedicated to sharing information, tips, and ideas that will help and inspire people to achieve their goals and enrich their lives.

The team is focused and committed to being a catalyst for positive personal improvement, by encouraging a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness.

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