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Online Advertising

Thank you for inquiring about advertising with us. We target those seeking information about health, wellness, and fitness, and related products and services.

Our readers are looking to maintain an active, and healthy lifestyle, and to improve all aspects of life-wellness.

Since we are a free service, we depend on sponsors and advertisers like you to keep the website going. Your advertising support will make a difference, and we sincerely appreciate your help.

Also, please let us know how we can improve our service to our members, partners and their families.

Thank you.

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Online Advertising

Links to Your Website:

UHWLC accepts online advertising in the form of ads, with links to your website. All advertisements must be approved by the UHWLC Editor and Support Team, at their discretion. Other pricing options may be available for packages, and other advertising opportunities that better meet your specific needs.

What we do:

We strive to create a website that appeals to the diverse interests and needs of the people that we serve. We gather information on health and wellness-related topics, and provide this information to our visitors, costumers, and partners. UHWLC provides this information, so that our audience can make healthy lifestyle choices that will improve their well-being and quality of life.

What sets us apart:

At UHWLC, we not only provide health and wellness information, we provide information on a wide variety of related subjects that can help our visitors achieve their optimum potential. We provide information, services, and products that can help our audience in all aspects of their lives. Plus, we are also interested in what our readers have to say.

Why advertise with us:

We all win when you advertise with us. Your website, product and services will be published in multiple locations throughout the website. With your generous contribution, you are helping us succeed in our mission to gather and distribute valuable information, products, and services to people from all walks of life.

Please check the website regularly to see how your money is being used.

Ad Rate Plans

Online Advertising

Text Ad with Link:

A title with a link to your website
A brief description with 30 words or less
The Ad will randomly appear on most pages throughout the website.
Cost of ad: $9.95
Duration: 2 year

Graphic Ad with Link:

A title with a link to your website
A graphic ad file (Size: 300x300 – Format: JPEG or PNG)
The Ad will randomly appear on most pages throughout the website.
Cost of ad: $19.95
Duration: 2 year

Graphic banner Ad with Link:

A link to your website
A graphic ad file (Size: 100x90 – Format: JPEG or PNG)
Ad will randomly appear on most pages throughout the website.
Cost of ad: $24.95
Duration: 2 year
Image Type

Online Advertising

Online banner ads have standard sizes to accommodate horizontal, vertical, rectangular, and square advertisement areas. The standard banner ad sizes are as follows:
Horizontal Banner Ad Sizes
  • 468 x 60 Banner
Vertical Online Banner Ad Sizes
  • 180 x 280 Wide Skyscraper
Square Online Ad Banner Sizes
  • 300 x 300 Square
  • 230 x 230 Small Square
Acceptable Ad File Formats:
  • jpeg (@ 300 dpi or less)
  • PNG
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To advertise with us, please send an email to The email should include the name or title of the Ad, a short description, and the URL link.

Upon approval of the Ad, we will send you your personal login name and password, so that you can log in and create your account.

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Please note that, we gather information from a variety of sources and cannot always verify accuracy or completeness.
You should always consult your healthcare professionals about your health, diagnosis, treatment,
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